With both Directors of Touchwood Building Contractors holding Quantity Surveying Degrees, and having over 25 years combined experience they have the ability to offer numerous professional services as listed below.

Estimating & Quantity Surveying

We offer a full range of Estimating & Surveying services to both Main Contractors and Subcontractors throughout the Construction Industry.

Main Contractors:

  • Stage 1 & 2 Tender Submissions.
  • Complete tender submission for all Bill of Quantities, Plan & Specification and Design & Build tenders from enquiry receipt through to tender adjudication.
  • Quantity Surveying services from Subcontractor procurement, account management, interim payments and claims to formulation of final accounts.
  • General Estimating & Quantity Surveying services on an hourly rate basis.
  • Take off and measurement service, Bill of Quantities formulation.


  • Measurement, pricing and submission of all enquiries.
  • Account management, measurement, and interim payment submissions.
  • Site re-measurement of accounts
  • Final account preparation and submission.
  • Health & Safety Policy and Risk Assessment preparation and submission.

Project Management

At Touchwood Building Contractors, management means complete understanding of the brief, providing leadership for the project, effective and efficient procurement, motivating personnel and managing innovation, getting partnerships and partnering to work and delivering a quality project fit for purpose, within time and on budget.

We are professionals who understand what each part of the team needs to do within the whole. At the same time we are specialists in management – skilled in keeping a team moving forward, whatever the obstacles, through all stages of a project.

Cost Planning & Management

Cost Planning aims not only to predict how much something will cost to build or provide, but, once design quality is set, how little it need cost.

At Touchwood we can provide input on all aspects of a project from a practical and financial point of view, from budgetary input during the concept of the project to firm costings during the construction phase through to completion.

Value Engineering

Delivering Success is a structured inquiry to identify and correct any systemic or process failures at any stage in a project – during preparation, design, construction or use.

At Touchwood we can look at all aspects of a project, Domestic or Commercial and attempt to overcome the problem, whether it be financial or practical, because at Touchwood we understand that ‘best value is not always measured on cost’.